Welcome to the Charterhouse Returns website.
This website was created to record and support the return of Fishguard's most famous lifeboat, the Charterhouse.

In 1920, late one December night, the Charterhouse lifeboat left Fishguard harbour in response to distress flares fired from the stricken Dutch schooner Hermina. In treacherous conditions, seven crewmen from the Hermina were rescued and the lifeboat headed to shore. With the engine drenched, one sail shredded, the lifeboat-men manned the oars and re-set the jib and sailed home

For their efforts, the crew received coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze RNLI medals which were presented to them at the Palace of Westminster, London, with the Charterhouse lifeboat also in attendance as the guest of honour.

This site journals the return of the 100 year old lifeboat to Pembrokeshire, where it is exhibited as a memorial to its brave crews and to honour lifeboatmen past and present.

After its service as a lifeboat, the boat was rechristened 'Marian' and was owned for many years by the Lomas family. In 2009, they kindly donated the vessel to the community of Fishguard and Goodwick, where it was restored to its original lines and name. It is now exhibited in the museum of the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society at Pembroke Dock.


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